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Pediatric Nursing








Tzu-Ying Lee



1. Parenting
2. High risk infant care
3. Pediatric nursing



Associate Professor



Kai-Wei Katherine Wang



1. Pediatric Nursing
2. Family Nursing
3. Home Care for Chronically Ills
4. Nursing Research
5. Critical Care



Associate Professor



Mei-Yin Lee



1. Pediatric Nursing
2. Tourette Syndrome care
3. Qualitative research
4. Evidence- based Nursing



Assistant Professor



Fang-Yi Lin



1. Pediatric & Child Health Nursing
2. Nursing Care of Children and Young People with Chronic Illness
3. Nursing Education And Research
4. Qualitative Study in Nursing Research



Assistant Professor



Hsiu-Mei Huang



1. Children and adolescents health nursing
2. Childhood cancer
3. Childhood obesity



Clinical Instructor



Chun-Ju Hsieh



The Exploration of loneliness among Lung Cancer Women



Clinical Instructor



Wen-Yi Hou



Exploring the Mothers’ Experiences in the Home Care of Children with Gastrostomy



Clinical Instructor



Chao-Yi Chen



1. Childhood and Adolescent Cancers

2. Pediatric nursing