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Future development

Future development

      The development vision of our University is to “become a science and technology university of excellent quality that promotes public health and wellbeing through extraordinary health care and management education outcomes.” The development objective is to construct a science and technology university with featured health care programs and to train health science and technology professionals in compliance with the needs of the country and society.


      Other objectives are to provide a general education that reinforces the humanistic quality, a humanitarian spirit, and a global vision and to train health care and management specialists with fine virtues and morality as well as a complete personality.


      The University aims to develop a global vision to improve the health care and management knowledge and practice levels in Taiwan.


      The university’s mid- to long-term objectives include the following:

  1.  To establish a teaching and learning environment that focuses on learning performances,
  2.  To establish a teaching and research environment that focuses on integrated long-term care
  3.  To establish an administrative environment that focuses on industry-academy cooperation,
  4.  To implement holistic education and promote a global vision, and
  5.  To optimize campus planning and set up a donation system.


      In response to the University’s development vision and the planning and practice of the Department’s operating objectives in training basic, advanced, and leading nursing professionals and under the strategies to improve teaching resources, teaching quality, teachers’ development, and the operation of departmental affairs, the undergraduate program is designed to train students to embrace such core qualities as being caring, professional ethics, critical thinking, self-directed learning, knowledge of fundamental biomedical sciences, nursing skills, communications and cooperation, adherence to one’s duties, management and leadership, as well as research and global vision.


      Furthermore, the Institute will not only ensure that the students will learn to respect and care for lives and ethics but also train advanced nursing talents to obtain knowledge of and competence in making independent judgements, conducting independent research and innovation, and performing leadership and management. Therefore, the Department sets the following objectives based on past nursing education outcomes and the achievement of a sustained development:

  1.  To actively develop and implement a competence-based curriculum, with an emphasis on the improvement of practical competences,
  2.  To actively set up a multidisciplinary curriculum, with an emphasis on the development of professional roles,
  3.  To actively promote cooperation with industries and develop practice innovations,
  4.  To advance internalization and international exchanges, and
  5.  To assist teachers in developing their professional, teaching, research, and service abilities.