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Educational Features

Undergraduate level

The Department pays attentions to students’ multi-dimensional development and career planning and features a curriculum with the largest number of elective courses among nursing departments across Taiwan. Apart from the mandatory subjects generally required by a nursing department, our Department has also set up elective subjects in related professional nursing modules to satisfy students’ diversified interests and to improve their knowledge and skills concerning the health issues of special population groups. This aims to facilitate their achievement of future employment goals in compliance with the demands of the talent market.

In accordance with the joint degrees system and internalization of the University, the Department actively encourages students to participate in and assists their participation in learning activities overseas, such as RN traineeships and international exchange studies, so that they may enhance their global vision and competitiveness. The Department also collaborates with national medical institutions in developing the last-mile learning course of “clinical employment practicum” to enhance the competitiveness of graduates, facilitate the transitioning to traineeships at employment organizations, and provide guidance in relation to future employment.

Graduate Institute level

The Institute aims to train advanced nursing professionals in leading, teaching, and research roles. Based on their advanced nursing competence, knowledge, and achievements before enrollment, students will achieve a further sustained development of their competence in scientific research, leadership and management, and teaching. The curriculum emphasizes innovation and research methods, develops theories and practices in light of the nursing knowledge, and focuses on strengthening abilities in exploring the knowledge and competence concerning nursing practices, policies, and education. In doing so, the curriculum seeks to improve students’ global vision and leadership quality and promote the development of the nursing profession.