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Multi-Scenario Module

Multi-scenario module curriculum

Our Department has set up six multi-scenario programs, including the critical care module, cancer care module, elderly and long-term care module, traditional Chinese medicine health care module, occupational health nursing module, and health care innovation and startups module, to offer diversified program options for students to choose from and help promote self-directed learning and the enhancement of professional competence. The required courses as stipulated by each module are shown in the figure below. Students can only apply for the completion certificate after completing all required courses of each module before the end of their study with qualified results and sufficient mandatory credits.  


  • An “application” is required to obtain the completion certificate of each module at our Department.
  • The “application form for the completion certificate of the multi-scenario module elective courses” and an original copy of the academic transcript for all school years should be presented when submitting the application, and qualified results should be obtained for all module required courses in the transcript.
  • Please submit the application in person at the administration office of the Department of Nursing. Once the certificate is issued, students shall be notified to claim the module completion certificate at the administration office of the Department of Nursing.