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Postbaccalaureate Program

Curriculum of the Department of Nursing for Postgraduate Studies

Duration: two years and a half

Credits Required for Graduation: 90


Curriculum design and planning

              The curriculum of this Department is comprised of major basic general courses and major core courses. Major basic subjects concern the basic medical sciences, including physiology, pharmacology, pathology, anatomy, microbiology and immunology, nutrition, as well as some basic subjects concerning professional knowledge and skills, including physical examinations, professional ethics, etc. The major core courses include various specialties and practicums of the nursing major. They are practical learning core courses for the training of nursing professionals. Among the major basic courses, subjects concerning the basic medical sciences serve as the basis for building up professional and nursing care competence, while the professional ethics course allows an in-depth learning in areas including critical thinking, ethics, communications, teamwork, and research. The major core subjects include classroom courses and practical courses. These courses offer students the opportunity to apply and practice nursing skills, critical thinking, nursing care, teamwork, professional ethics, professional independence, and communications in different circumstances of nursing fields. They also provide further guidance on the acquisition and development of abilities in management and leadership. This Department focuses on the cultivation and implementation of professional abilities under the educational aim of “practical learning.” The curriculum design focuses on the coherence and consolidation of studies to respond to the needs of students across different majors and professional backgrounds and experiences. The fundamental nursing study and practice course is well planned and implemented; it is incorporated with technical practices under the supervision of teaching assistants, technical certification, technical re-demonstration, and technical assessment. All results shall be counted in the final result and those who fail the basic nursing study and practice course at the end of the term will not be granted entry into the fundamental nursing practicum.