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Doctoral Program

Doctoral Program Curriculum Introduction

Duration: 3 to 7 years

Credits Required for Graduation: 39


Curriculum design and planning

     The doctoral program of our Department aims to train advanced nursing professionals in leading, teaching, and research roles. The program planning is competence-based and includes major designated mandatory courses, elective courses, and the doctoral thesis. In the meantime, apart from combining major subjects and electives to enhance research competence, the program also addresses the overall progress of students’ development in teaching and leadership in accordance with the individual background and development needs of each student. The doctoral program curriculum is designed to reinforce students’ research knowledge and skills though mandatory courses, which consolidate the students’ ability of conducting authentic scientific research and offer the basic skills required for the development of professional knowledge and care models. In the meantime, by reviewing the development process of scientific knowledge in “the development of the philosophy of science and knowledge,” the program addresses issues related to the development and leadership of the studied major, which serves as the cornerstone for developing knowledge-related aspects, including education, profession, and policies. 

To enhance their global vision and leadership quality, doctoral students are also required to complete mandatory hours in overseas or foreign learning activities and publish in academic journals during their studies to broaden their global visions and acquire leadership competence.