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Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Nursing Master's Program

Introduction to the Integration of Chinese Medicine with Western Nursing Master’s Program Curriculum

Program Features

This program is set to respond to the multi-dimensional health care needs of people in the new century. In accordance with the educational objective of our University, “to train excellent health care and management nursing professionals,” the program constructs its development core values and objectives as follows: to carry out evidence-based scientific study of the theories, knowledge, and methods of traditional Chinese medicine by combining western holistic nursing knowledge and skills and promote evidence-based nursing with an emphasis on the scientific features of nursing activities. The program seeks to train professionals with integrative health care competence and achieve an overall promotion of public health and wellbeing. In the future, our Institute will continue the development of advanced practical nursing (APN).


Educational Objectives

1. To explore an integrated model featuring local and international characteristics to combine Chinese and western medicine

2. To apply traditional Chinese medicine and western nursing in evidence-based studies

3. To collaborate with medical care groups

4. To demonstrate the application of information knowledge and skills

5. To demonstrate ethics and caring qualities that respect nature and people